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I’m W.G. Potter, I’m a human being, I live on planet Earth,¬†and I’d rather just leave it at that for now. Religion and philosophy are my hobbies, and I read a lot of books on those subjects.


This blog will be a critical look of all aspects of religion and meaning in life. Each post may or may not start with a quote, and may contain other quotes as well as my scintillating, provocative, thought-provoking, self-congratulatory, and sometimes facetious and/or sarcastic commentary.


I’ve been doing a lot of reading the past several years – of books mainly, supplemented by the web. I’ve collected a lot of quotes; not just pithy one-liners, but mostly longer extracts that illuminate some important point or provide original sources of information. I thought I would try sharing these and my own comments in a blog format.


I’ve read a lot of blogs on this subject, and 99% of the comments are inane, fatuous, repetitive, disrespectful, plagiarized, and/or spewed out by obnoxious, small-minded, and oh-so-stubbornly-persistent trolls. So, while all comments are welcome, they may or may not show up in the blog, and if a comment is well written and adds something new and insightful to the subject, I’ll include it in the main body of a future post. I reserve the right to edit it as I see fit.


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